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The Birthmother Forum
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Welcome to the Birthmother Forum. Feel free to look around and then make yourself at home here. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Hello. My name is Kate, I’m 36 and I am a Birth Mom. I relinquished my son for an "Open Adoption" 11 years ago. I have heard bad stories about adoption as well as positive stories. I wanted a place where Birth Mothers could come together to share their views and their world without censorship that may come with regular adoption forum sites. I hope your adoption journey brings you peace as you share your wisdom freely.

Dedicated to Drew and Sam who will grow up apart...

I began this web site because I had a hard time locating a forums web site dedicated to just Birthmoms. I felt that Birthmothers (and all Triad members) share some unique experiences and I wanted a forum dedicated to these extraordinary women. While I don't mind if other triad members post or look around I still feel it is important that Birthmothers feel they have a "Place of Their Own".

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